Dr Lau | Is G-Shot for me?
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Is G-Shot for me?

Is G-Shot for me?

G-shot is a commonly requested procedure, often reflecting the complaint of decreased sexual satisfaction.

G-spot, or formally the Grafenberg spot, usually refers to an area at the anterior (front) vaginal wall, midline about an inch up from the vaginal opening. It is legendary to be highly erogenous, contributing to great sexual satisfaction. While the area stated indeed is highly sensitive to stimulation, the anatomy of the spot has not been well defined. G-shot commonly refers to injecting dermal fillers, fat cells or “stem-cells” to the area to amplify the sensitivity of the area, and in turn sexual function.

While the anatomy of the G-spot is still controversial, the area where the G-spot is supposed to be located is actually in the general location of the clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex, a variable but functional area which upon stimulation could induce orgasmic responses. CUV complex comprises the internal part of the clitoris, the highly sensitive area around the urethra and the area of the front vaginal wall with the highest density of nerve endings. The nerve endings and the specialized vascular elements that can engorge or erect that area contribute positively to sexual response. Proper sexual techniques to stimulate the CUV complex is certainly desirable to enhance sexual function. The question is: would G-shot help?

I believe a prudent answer should go like this:

First of all, find out what is missing to prompt the request for G-shot? Then, what are the likely contributing factors – relationship, emotional, technique, vaginal dryness or pain, concern of vaginal looseness or size mismatch etc.? The solution is to address specifically the cause/causes of the sexual dissatisfaction before injecting the “spot.” Proper understanding of sexual technique and anatomy, enhanced relationship or emotional support, and function based vaginal rejuvenation most likely would be much more effective than any empirical G-shot injection. My recommendation is to consult with a specialist who understands the above discussed factors and who has the technical know-how of G-shot and other vaginal procedures to get the best result that you want.


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