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Thermage is available in the Seattle area under the direction of Dr. Michael Lau and is performed by Susan Cummins, a top Thermage technician in Seattle.
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Cosmetic Procedures – Thermage

Thermage – Seattle

Dr. Lau now offers his patients Thermage with Comfort Pulse Technology, the CPT System, in his cosmetic office in the Seattle area, specifically located in Edmonds, Washington. Thermage is a non-invasive treatment that counteracts the effects of aging.

With aging and gravity, especially with alterations in body weight, the skin and subcutaneous tissue tend to relax and look and feel loose. In the neck and face area, this skin laxity process can contribute to an aging look. In most cases, surgical intervention would be aggressive and might result in an unnatural look.

Fortunately, there is the non-invasive treatment option of Thermage. Thermage is a process of using radiofrequency to heat up the subcutaneous tissue from inside out (reverse gradient thermal process) without damaging the skin. Thermage employs the principle of collagen fiber tightening with heating to tighten the subcutaneous tissue to overcome the skin laxity that comes with aging.

It is amazing to see the effects of Thermage, almost immediately after the treatment. There is no incision and no down time. Some of the areas where Thermage can give the most immediate and obvious results are:

  • Tightening of the jowl line area to give a much better definition of the neck.
  • Refreshing the look around the eyes by tightening and smoothing out the periorbital subcutaneous tissue.
  • Mimic the effect of a face lift, but without the surgery.
  • Thermage works well to tighten the skin in conjunction with liposuction to the abdomen, neck, thigh, buttocks, and arms.

The very experienced practitioners of Thermage at Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Lau’s cosmetic office in the Seattle area, understand the principle of tissue contraction well and can utilize the thermal pattern of Thermage to give the optimal tissue tightening effect. A complimentary consultation regarding your concerns would be a good place to start as you consider the non-invasive Thermage option to rejuvenate your look.

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