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Dr. Michael Lau communicates with his patients, the general public, and professional colleagues on some of his thoughts in his areas of expertise.
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Thought Leadership

Innovations – Thought Leadership

Dr. Lau is very interested in communicating with patients, the general public, and professional colleagues on some of his thoughts on areas of his expertise and interests. These ideas often reflect only Dr. Lau’s personal opinions and are certainly not intended to be treated as personal medical advice. Rather, these expressions of thought are to help educate the general public on how a medical scientist and surgeon views the various issues relating to total women’s health and to stimulate intellectual dialogue with interested professional colleagues.

Educating international professional audience in optimizing sexual function with cosmetic vaginal surgery

Cosmetic vaginal surgery should be much more than cosmetic – AMWC Monaco 2015

Cosmetic vaginal surgery, be it labioplasty or vaginal rejuvenation, should do more than improve the aesthetics of the vaginal area. The vagina is a sexual organ, contributing to the satisfaction of the woman during intimacy. The surgeon needs to address the functionality of the vagina while improving the aesthetics of such. Applying anatomical and physiological considerations along with following sound plastic surgery principles while performing vaginal cosmetic surgery would yield success in improving both the aesthetics and sexual function of the vagina.

Dr. Lau presented a talk addressing this topic at the Aesthetic Medicine World Congress in Monaco during March, 2015. The presentation is technical, intended for the medical professional attendants in the meeting. However, it should be relatively understandable by the general public. The following are the power point slides of the presentation:

Preserving and improving sexual sensation after labioplasty “Refinements in Labioplasty” – AMEC Paris 2016

There is a common concern that labioplasty could decrease the sexual sensation of the labia. It is not true. The surgeon needs to use meticulous plastic surgical technique: minimizing surgical trauma, avoiding thermal damage by laser or electric cautery, using fine absorbable sutures without over-tightening the tissue, and leveraging a thorough understanding of the vaginal anatomy and physiology to preserve and improve the sexual sensation of the vagina after labioplasty. Dr. Lau presented a study to illustrate this aspect of cosmetic vaginal surgery in Paris during 2016. The following are the Power Point Slides of the study:

Improve sexual function with vaginal rejuvenation surgery – World Meeting on Sexual Medicine, Lisbon Portugal 2018

Sexual function, as well as the aesthetics of the vagina, can be improved with vaginal rejuvenation, especially when done with proper anatomical and physiological considerations. The introital-vaginal transition angle and its relationship to the CUV complex should be considered in performing the surgery. Dr. Lau shared his expertise in vaginal rejuvenation surgery to colleagues worldwide in this international meeting presentation.

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