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Dr. Michael Lau, a urogynecologist and pelvic plastic surgeon at Radiant Rejuvenation in the Seattle area, is an expert in sexual function optimization.
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Sexual Function Optimization

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery – Sexual Function Optimization

Cosmetic vaginal surgery, be it labiaplasty (labioplasty) or vaginal rejuvenation, should do more than improve the aesthetics of the vaginal area. The vagina is a sexual organ, contributing to the satisfaction of women during intimacy. The surgeon needs to address the functionality of the vagina while improving the aesthetics of such.

Applying anatomical and physiological considerations along with following sound plastic surgery principles while performing vaginal cosmetic surgery yields success in improving both the aesthetics and sexual function of the vagina.

Dr. Lau specializes also in urogynecology and therefore has a thorough understanding and years of working experience in the anatomy and physiology of the vagina. This enables him to apply this specialized knowledge and experience to help optimize sexual function with vaginal plastic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Lau is also a specialist in sexual medicine, being a member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine and the European Society of Sexual Medicine. His key interests are the optimization of sexual function with vaginal plastic and cosmetic surgery, arousal phase sexual dysfunction, and peri-menopausal sexual dysfunction.

Please view Dr. Michael Lau’s presentation regarding Optimizing Sexual Function:

Dr. Lau presented a talk titled “Applying Anatomical and Physiological Considerations in Optimizing Sexual Function with Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery,” addressing the topic of optimizing sexual function, at the Aesthetic Medicine World Congress in Monaco during March, 2015. The presentation is technical, intended for the medical professional attendants in the meeting. However, it should be relatively understandable by the general public.

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