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Dr michael Lau - Gynecologic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgery - Body Contour Surgery

The perception of one's beauty is affected by body contour. With childbearing, hormonal changes, and normal aging, the body changes in size and shape. The accumulation of fat in undesirable areas not only negatively affects one's appearance, but also affects one's health. Being overweight causes high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other problems.

Life style changes, such as good nutrition and exercise, can improve the body's size and shape. However, there are areas of unsightly fat deposits that are very difficult to eliminate, specifically the upper and lower abdomen, waistline, buttocks, hips, and thighs. It would require extreme diet and exercise measures to decrease the fat in these areas, but unfortunately, with such effort, the person's face would look wasted, ill and aged.

The solution is to tone the body with reasonable nutrition and exercise and then selectively contour the body with cosmetic surgery. The end result should be a more youthful, shapely body contour that will be firm and fit.

Body contour surgery involves the creation of a smooth, continuous, and harmonious body outline and shape. The surgery involves reducing tissue in certain areas and enhancing support and shape in other areas. Dr. Lau, who has been a student of classical oriental art since his childhood, favors simplistic, harmonious, and balanced lines and form, and he has incorporated that art concept into his disciplined, scientifically based surgical techniques to achieve the cosmetic effect that his patients desire.