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Dr michael Lau - Gynecologic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Gynecology - Infertility

While IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and other advanced technology assisted reproduction procedures have changed the ultimate success rate for achieving pregnancy, there are a large number of infertile couples that can achieve the same objective by less expensive and less emotionally draining measures.

Thorough history taking, examination, and consulting on life style changes begin the process, followed by basic infertility testing, such as:

  • Basal body temperature study to evaluate ovulation and the luteal phase (adequacy of progesterone to sustain the pregnancy)
  • Ultrasound follicle study done in office to evaluate egg development and release
  • Semen analysis to evaluate male factors
  • Hormone studies and blood test for abnormal antibodies or factors
  • Post-coital test to study the compatibility of the cervical mucus to the sperm
  • HSG (hysterosalpingogram) to study the uterus and fallopian tubes

Depending on the findings from these tests, more advanced investigation can be tailored for each couple. Treatment such as fertility drugs (more commonly Clomiphene), IUI (intrauterine insemination), and laser laparoscopy for endometriosis and adhesions (scar tissue around the ovaries and tubes) can all be performed to improve the chance of pregnancy. If IVF is necessary, referral can be made to the University of Washington or Swedish Hospital locally, or if the patient prefers a more economic route, to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C.

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