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Dr michael Lau - Gynecologic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgery - An Introduction

As a surgeon devoted specifically to the care of women, Dr. Lau understands the importance of the total health and well being of his patients. Over the years, many women have asked for his help in improving their self image. While general measures of diet, exercise, and self improvement techniques will work, there are situations where cosmetic surgical help is necessary.

After repeated requests from his patients to do cosmetic surgery for them, Dr. Lau developed a special interest in applying his experience and expertise in endoscopic and laser surgery to cosmetic applications.

After receiving extensive cosmetic surgery training from internationally known experts, including a two year preceptorship with two experienced and highly regarded cosmetic and plastic surgeons, Dr. Lau incorporated body cosmetic surgery into his gynecological surgery practice to provide a more complete service for the total well being of women.

Over the last 20 plus years, the demands for Dr. Lau’s cosmetic surgery expertise, especially in the area of vaginal cosmetic surgery, have increased so much that he is now devoting most of his practice in serving the cosmetic surgery needs of women.