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Dr michael Lau - Gynecologic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgery - Contour Reduction

For undesirable fat deposits in the body, the modern method of surgical treatment is liposuction or liposculpting, where fat cells are eliminated by suction. Liposuction or liposculpting can now be performed under local anesthetic, safely and effectively with a very short recovery period.

Using the Tumescent technique, where anesthetic agents and blood vessel contracting medication are added to a fluid to infuse the area of interest before the liposuction, there is minimal discomfort with very little bleeding. Using the fine cannula technique, that is doing liposuction with very thin suction probes, the resulting skin surface contour should be smooth and without obvious scars.

While in most cases the skin will retract to conform to the area that has been treated with liposuction, occasionally excess skin may need to be excised to achieve optimal tightening. At times, the underlying fascia or muscle may need to be tightened by doing abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to achieve maximal cosmetic effect.

By using liposuction to remove a large portion of the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, it is possible to just excise the extensive skin tissue a few weeks later as an outpatient or in conjunction with another gynecologic abdominal surgery, and thus have much less post operative pain or recovery requirement as a formal abdominoplasty.

"Crescent Tuck" mini abdominoplasty, with or without liposuction, is an abdominoplasty of a less invasive nature which can be performed for selective patients to achieve good aesthetic results with minimal post-operative down time.